The Art of Ice

Dress up your drinks with these easy but cool artsy – icy ideas.

An amazing place to show off your artistic flair is in the kitchen. Everyone is always looking for a fresh new and artistic way to impress their party guests, and this is a super easy trend to follow. Most people nowadays have ice machines on their fridge and do not really have ice cube trays anymore. When I was walking through the grocery store recently I came across a tray and thought about the many experimental things you can do with it. Why can’t you stay hydrated and be a little creative at the same time? Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to presentation.

FLAVORED ICE This type of ice requires a few more steps but is also easy enough to accomplish. 1.You can pick any mouth watering fruit you feel will taste the best in your drink–. I personally enjoyed the mango ice in my sweet tea. 2. You can blend up the fruit to make a juice or just slice the fruit into miniature pieces. 3. Be sure to wash the fruit. 4. You need to fill the rest of the tray up with water and freeze. It’s super easy to do but can make a huge difference in the way your drink tastes and looks.
The best way to use these products The floral ice is a great decoration for drinks at a party. If you want to put the ice in your drinks, you may need to pay extra attention to how clean the flowers are and where they came from but using them for a decorative ice bucket would be more convenient. The flavored ice is my personal favorite because of the great taste and the artful burst of color in your drink. The sliced fruit is great if you want to eat some fruit and hydrate at the same time, but the juice is better for a complete flavor change.

ARTSY BEVERAGES This is the easiest way to make an impression on your dinner guests or to just wind down and relax with a colorful and flavorful drink. Kids are way more likely to drink water if there is a different, and fun flavor in them. The crafty flower decor and the burst of colors keep art in your everyday life without too much work. These two different ways to make ice are so simple and fun and I hope that you will try them.

FLOWER ICE There are only three steps to make flower ice. 1. You need an ice tray and any type of flower you prefer, but be sure there are no pesticides or dyes in the flowers. 2. Put 1 or 2 flowers in each section and 3. Fill it the rest of the way up with water and freeze. Most grocery stores do use pesticides on their flowers, so you might need to look for an organic garden or plant some vibrant flowers yourself. If you are using the ice to keep closed drinks cool you can use any brand of flower because you will not be consuming the ice.

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