The Maggies are Here!

We’ve been gearing up all year to, once again, highlight the local businesses of this special region. What an exciting issue! South Brunswick County offers some of the greatest little gift shops, art galleries, home décor, antiques, fashion, souvenirs, wine & beer, specialty shops and of course seafood, local cuisine and award-winning restaurants. Our beaches and waterfronts are our hidden gems and a little slice of paradise.
The Maggies are our way of listening to the reader, hearing your voice and recognizing these amazing businesses for what they bring to our community. It’s a fun way to spread cheer and gratitude while featuring what makes our local businesses and community special. Each year we change up the questions in our Maggie Survey. This way it’s not boring or repetitive from the previous years.

We listen to you too!  We’ve had some great suggestions over the past few years and want to make sure we deliver what you want – our reader. I know this year’s survey was a little long… And next year we will take that into consideration. We also don’t expect you to answer every question either; I mean not everyone eats onion rings…right?

We hope you love this issue as it’s full of photos of our winners, and lots of great information about our locals. I know you’ll learn something interesting about the area as you read through the Maggie results. And as always, if you have any suggestions for next year’s Maggies, a question you’ve been dying to ask, or just a friendly comment, send them to me! I promise to read every email and make a note for planning our upcoming issues. You are the reason we are here and we like it that way!

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