What the Heck is a Maggie?









And how do I get one?



Four years ago, when I started Southport Magazine. I wrote out of list of goals I wanted to accomplish within my first year. The last item on that list was the creation of the Maggie Awards. The Maggie’s is our annual reader’s poll, where we would ask interesting questions about our community and acknowledge the businesses, people and places that ranked the highest. Questions that make people actually “think” about their response and maybe get a chuckle in the process.

I came up with the name Maggie as a spin on the Emmy’s and since we are a magazine, the Maggie Awards seemed fitting. I wanted The Maggie Awards to be a celebration of local businesses and citizens in Southport, Oak Island, Bald Head Island, Boiling Springs and St. James. But more than anything, I wanted the Maggie Awards to be something that people would appreciate and deem an honor to receive.

I remember feeling so nervous the first year. “What if no one votes?” “What if no one comes?” But you did vote and you did come! Each year, the Maggie Awards seem to get better and better and it makes me feel so happy and proud.

It is my hope that every business will receive a Maggie Award over time! We will continually change the polling questions and keep the Maggie Awards exciting and engaging. My aim is to spread the love!

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  1. Richard Dunmire says:

    Nominate Pam Sexton and Cattail Cottage and her associates. A beautiful store especially during the holidays. You can shop in a friendly atmosphere with holiday music in the background. Great out of the ordinary selections.

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