Big Day? Soirée? P-A-R-T-Y?

Big Day? Soirée? P-A-R-T-Y?

Shoresound Productions manages all your musical needs!


Dreams Stay Big, Worries Stay Small, with this mobile DJ company Playlists. Songs carry a lot of weight and emotion for us, and anyone who had either planned their own wedding or attended one knows how music can enhance and effect an event. Yet, finding a DJ who will work effortlessly with other vendors to deliver a flawless delivery of a client’s wishes can be challenge.

Shoresound Productions is a husband-wife team with a reputation for kindness, effectiveness, and professionalism. They work hard to create the ideal mood, through music, setting up in any environment or location to maximize the acoustics of the site. With state-of- the-art equipment, back- up plans and decades of experience in their portfolio, Shoresound Productions offers the very best in DJ talent for your special event.

Q: Tell us “your” story. How did you and your wife choose this area of the entertainment industry as your profession? A: I have been involved in the music industry my entire life, but I entered the entertainment business full time in August of 1989. At the time, my wife and I owned and operated a garden shop and rented plants for events. My customers eventually began asking me to make recommendations for DJs for their events, and that’s when I realized that there was a real need for this kind of service in our area.

Q: Describe your dream clients! A: We do not have “dream clients” per se. In fact, getting to work with a diverse clientele is a very rewarding part of our job. We enjoy getting to know all of our clients as people because in this industry, knowing your clients well means that you can cater your services to their specific needs so that they get the best event possible. In order to get to know our clients, we have an online planner as well as scheduled phone and in-person conferences.

Q: How do you manage to stay in the “background” yet still provide the musical ambiance that make receptions memorable? A: We do this by always putting our clients first, so that the focus remains on them. To help us achieve this, we use our online planner and meet with the clients to schedule and organize the music, announcements, and event timeline prior to the big day. Most importantly, we always honor the client’s do-not-play lists, regardless of guest requests.

Q: What do you do when technical difficulties arise? A: We firstly try to preempt technical difficulties in a number of ways. We only purchase high quality, reliable equipment and test our gear prior to setting up at the venue. Additionally, we always carry backup equipment and backups of backups to ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality. We also arrive to the venue early to setup our equipment and perform a sound check, so that we can make audio adjustments based on the acoustics of the room and the number and position of guests in attendance. Most importantly, we are flexible and are always prepared to adapt at a moment’s notice for any unforeseen event changes. Outdoor ceremonies require a sound system that can enhance yet not compete with nature.

Q: How do you provide clear, audible sound when you may be competing with wind or waves washing ashore? A: We offer a variety of sound systems designed to provide optimal audio in a range of environments. Our lineup includes both AC and battery powered systems that provide the very best sound in an outdoor and mobile environment. We also offer a range of microphones to reduce wind noises and ensure clear, crisp audio.

Q: Your website provides many testimonials which refer to your kindness. What a compliment! So, how do you and Teresa complement one another during your client’s big day? A: During events I focus on the music and sound while Teresa coordinates with the clients and other vendors to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the event goes smoothly. We both work together to make sure that all of the requests and wishes of our clients are met.

Q: Do you have a favorite venue? What time of the year is the busiest for your company? A: Though we don’t have a favorite venue, we appreciate that every venue has its own unique atmosphere, benefits, and challenges. Some venues are trickier for setup and tear down, and some venues are more acoustically friendly than others. In short, we always try to visit the venue before the event to get an idea of how to setup our equipment to provide the best sound. The busiest time of the year for our business is spring, summer and fall with a few winter events. Many of our events are booked six months to more than a year in advance.

Q: Do you have an event that stands out in your memory as particularly memorable? A: One of our most memorable events was a beach ceremony on Oak Island where we provided the sound and the groom and some of the groomsmen parachuted with flares and a US flag onto the beach strand to begin the ceremony.

Q: Do you have plans to expand or improve upon your already successful business? A: We are constantly improving our business by focusing on current trends in the types of events that we provide sound for. Additionally, we regularly update our sound systems to ensure our clients get the absolute best possible sound for their events. We have also started offering up lighting and accent lighting to enhance the ambiance of the venue.

Q: What is the most requested first dance song? Father/daughter song? And lastly, do you stay in touch with any of your clients? A: The 2016 most requested first dance song is tied between Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay. The most requested father/daughter and mother/son song is My Wish by Rascal Flatts. We absolutely stay in touch with many of our clients through social media, community events, email, texting, etc. We recently met with former clients for lunch and a walk on the beach.

FUN QUESTIONS: FAVORITE FOOD: Local seafood FAVORITE BOOK: I enjoy reading a lot of local history books FAVORITE MUSIC: It is very hard to choose a favorite genre as we have very eclectic tastes in music, but mostly prefer beach music and classic rock. FAVORITE PLACE TO TRAVEL: We enjoy occasional road trips to visit the best of what the Carolinas have to offer FAVORITE THING ABOUT SOUTHPORT: My favorite things about Southport are the people and the small town community atmosphere. I have lived here full time since 1968 and Teresa moved here in 1983. There is nowhere we’d rather be!

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