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Royal Barkitecture

According to the SPCA, it's estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat, these statistics do

Paradise on Bay St.

                  A slice of heaven with endless water views STORY & PHOTOS BY: AMI BROWN   Tommy and Julie Harrelson’s historic farmhouse-style home was built by local attorney Rob Davis back in

The Mermaid Manor

  A Dreamy Place To Call Home BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN | PHOTOS BY PATRICK MCGOWAN Back in 2012 Tracy Beaulieu was retiring and she knew one thing for sure…She didn’t want to stay in Dallas. It’s where her roots are

Ships A-home!

Living aboard the EOS STORY AND PICTURES BY KRIS BEASLEY Oak Island Residents, Steve and Robin Schuster have owned the Yacht EOS for eight years. It is a Carver 36 Aft Cabin, built in 1992. Steve who was previously the Town

Preserving the Past

Moving forward in a new direction STORY BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN | PHOTOS BY: PATRICK MCGOWAN Welcome to the Almgren House, a charming Southport Victorian, built as a family home circa 1906 and fit with many of the embellishments and frills

Bare Feet Required

  Their escape by the sea   BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN PHOTOS BY: PATRICK MCGOWAN   Heidi Brunet and Lisa Lautner purchased their oceanfront home on Peppervine Trail in June 2015 and decided to make Bald Head Island their permanent residence.

A Dream House Legacy

  A place to live, play and love BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN PHOTOS BY: PATRICK MCGOWAN   Beverly Thompson and Ronnie Weinstein met one night, long ago, when Ronnie was making dinner for a date in his apartment. Bev walked in

When The Old Meets The New

  The Charm Flows In Southport  By: Kathleen McGowan Photos By Patrick McGowan Wes Cross, a local builder and Delina Devoid, a local house designer with 3D Designs Inc., had been working together with Chris and DiAne Benzie, from Apex,

A Small Home With Flair

A Place To Live, Laugh And Love “STORY BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN PHOTOS BY: GRAY WELLS It is cliché to say we’d like our guest to feel comfortable when visiting our home but that really is our goal. The house has stood

Comfort and Casual Elegance

      The Importance and Art Of Creating A Space That You Love to Live in STORY BY: KATHLEEN MCGOWAN PHOTOS BY: BILL BURNS AND KRIS BEASLEY I entered Barry and Mitzi Amerson’s side yard through a small gate and

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